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5 Things to Do in Bali Wake Park & Aqualand

The 5 Things to Do in Bali Wake Park & Aqualand where pool floaties quickly became a trend with Instagram royalty posing on their pink flamingos and donut shaped inflatable toys. Now, close your eyes, and imagine those inflatable toys 5 times the size. Avoiding the Godzilla nightmares, picture; slides, obstacles and climbing walls. Childhood dreams come true, right?

1. Enter the new Aqua Land

Earlier this year Bali Wake Park expanded and opened ‘Aqua Land’, essentially a floating obstacle course in the same realm as ‘Wipeout’ – without the international humiliation, depending on your friends.. Located next door to the wakeboarding circling track, it is 2000 sqm of water holding the bright yellow, blue and white inflatables which will host the best time you could possibly have.

2. Complete your mission to all obstacles

The layout and obstacles are a reflection of a real army obstacle course and will require all of your physical strength; climbing, crawling, scaling, sliding, you will do it all! Designed not only to challenge you but to ultimately ensure you face plant the water, some of the obstacles are close by impossible. Crawling round walls, running through bobbing floats, the thrill and fun of Aqua Land makes it the perfect family activity.

3. Try the water trampoline

And we aren’t finished yet.. Enormous beach balls, human sized hamster-wheels and a in water trampoline are all also included in the park. Having all these activities taking place on the water only adds to the excitement as one tiny wave or push can send you tumbling dramatically with a splash. Park safety including lifeguards covering every corner is a high priority and all staff are highly trained a vigilant to stop any accidents before they happen – it is also policy for all guests to be wearing a life jacket when playing in the water theme park.

4. Dare your friends in the main attraction

Making bets and having competitions with friends is what Bali Wake Park is all about. Don’t limit yourself to the floating course but also try the main attraction – from wakeboarding, kneeboarding and even water skiing the state of the art cable system is able to support both beginners and professionals. With capabilities to adjust the course a beginner can get along just as well as a pro. Just hold on, keep your board on the water, and let physics handle the rest.

5. Lounge in the plunge pool for such relaxation

To finish up the day or simply take a break, you can lounge in the plunge pool with swim-up bar to chill out and regain your energy or if you are bored of the water you can simply lay back on the bean bags laid out on the grassy knoll just off shore and enjoy a cold drink.

So there you have it, the 5 Things to Do in Bali Wake Park & Aqualand